Huertas to Provide New York the Taste of Northern Spain

Huertas (107 First Avenue) is a pintxos bar and restaurant that will make its official debut on Tuesday to provide New York the taste of northern Spain. Jonah Miller started planning for a restaurant while he was still a teenager. He said that he grew up in the city and he was very clear about what he wanted to do from very young age. He began to work in a restaurant when he was merely 14.

After 12 years now, the chef, who has spent time behind the burners at Chanterelle, Gramercy Tavern, and Savoy, will finally realize his dream on Tuesday. Miller has a wide range of experiences.

Solar Energy is Best Remedy for Air Pollution Problems in China

Scientists believe that solar chimneys are the best remedy for China's ongoing battle against air pollution. These solar chimneys rise half a kilometer or even higher from the earth's surface and have been claimed by scientists to have enough potential to produce clean energy and significantly reduce the mainland's chronic air pollution.

Scientists have already looking into a test plant running successfully in Inner Mongolia. Beijing and Shanghai are other cities on the cards of scientists for building full-size versions of solar chimneys.

What all San Sebastian Offers You

San Sebastian is an area of north Spain called The Basque Autonomous Community. It is actually a beach resort located along the Bay of Biscay and borders the south of France.

The area boasts about its stunning natural beauty and being an acclaimed international destination with major events like the International Film Festival, the Jazz Festival and August's Semana Grande. Every night, you could see amazing fireworks display and contest being held over the bay.

Illegal Migrant Desperate to Enter Europe via Spanish Border

Ibrahim is among many others from his country living in the Moroccan mountain, Gourougou. The 18-year-old boy does not think too much about his safety while climbing trees of 20 feet to get firewood for the camp he lives in. Evers since he left his native Ivory Coast three years ago, he has come across many life-threatening situations.

Spanish city of Melilla is not too far away from there. And the Spanish city is what all Africans living on the Moroccan mountain, Gourougou, dream of.

Spanish Political Parties Announce Candidate List for European Elections

With the announcement of candidates’ list by political parties in Spain for the European elections, the election fever has started catching up fast.

Spain’s ruling party, the Partido Popular (PP), has not made major changes in its candidates list which finally has got publsihed. Around 50% of its candidates are current MEPS. It has only refreshed three of the first 10 candidates on its list.

Spain has Second-Highest Child Poverty Rate in EU: Caritas Europa’s Report

After Romania, Spain stands at the second position for highest child poverty rate in Europe, finds a report, The European Crisis and its Human Cost – A Call for Fair Alternatives and Solutions, released in Athens on March 27.

Austerity measures coupled with foreign debt are among major reasons for the problem, said Caritas Europa's Secretary General Jorge Nuño at the launch of the report. As per the Caritas Europa’s report, at least one and a half million households in Spain are suffering from severe social inclusion.

3 Seamen Found Dead, Two Missing as Fishing Boat Capsizes off Spain’s Northern Coast

Three persons were found dead and two are missing as a Portuguese-flagged fishing vessel turned over at Spain’s northern coast on Thursday.

A spokesman for Spanish Maritime Rescue said in total there were 12 people on the trawler Mar Nosso and after it capsized in the Bay of Biscay near the Spanish port of Navia, seven were rescued.

Out of the five who could not be rescued, three seamen were reported dead and two are missing. Two of the three dead bodies were found on Thursday morning and the third one in the early evening. For now, the exact reason of capsizing is not known.

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